Open Call! 5th CYCLOP International Videopoetry Contest

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The 5th CYCLOP International Videopoetry Festival will take place on November, 20th and 22th, 2015 in Ukraine (Kyiv). The festival programme features video poetry-related lectures, workshops, round tables, discussions, presentations of international contests and festivals, as well as a demonstration of the best examples of Ukrainian and world videopoetry, a competitive program, an awards ceremony and other related projects.

One of the projects is a new Contest for International Poetry films within the framework of CYCLOP festival. The list of international jury: Alastair Cook (Filmpoem Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland), Zata Banks (PoetryFilm, London, United Kingdom), Javier Robledo (VideoBardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina), John Bennet (videopoet, USA),  Alice Lyons (Videopoet, Sligo, Ireland), Sigrun Hoellrigl (Art Visuals & Poetry, Vienna, Austria), Lucy English (Liberated Words, Bristol, United Kingdom), Tom Konyves (poet, video producer, educator and a pioneer in the field of videopoetry, British Columbia, Canada), Polina Horodyska (CYCLOP Videopoetry Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine) and Thomas Zandegiacomo (ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin, Germany).

5th CYCLOP International Videopoetry Contest
1 August — 30 September 2015

Rules and regulations:

  1. Films of up to 10 minutes duration that are no more than two years old (January 2013) may be entered.
  2. There are no limitation about subject and language restrictions. All films that are not in English must have English subtitles.
  3. Video can be performed in any techniques using any necessary equipment (video, animation, flash etc).
  4. By sending your film, you confirm that the film may be shown at the CYCLOP Videopoetry Festival. The artist must have all property and screening rights.
  5. Each artist can send more than one work.
  6. All videos must be sent with the following characteristics:
    File format: .MOV or .AVI.
    Standard: PAL. Codec: H264.
    Resolution: HD — 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 (16:9) / SD — 640 x 480 (4:3) or 640 x 360 (16:9)

The closing date for entries is 30 September 2015.
All entrants will be informed by e-mail of the results of the call for entries from Oсtober 2015 on. Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct.

CYCLOP is a videopoetry festival established in 2011 by Litcentr literary portal (NGO Ukrainian Literary Center) for the purpose of supporting and popularizing a videopoetry as a new cinematography genre and school. The festival yearly takes place in Kyiv (Ukraine). E-mail: | Facebook:

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  • Hi there

    Sorry to bother you guys but was just wondering if my vimeo links are suitable for submission.
    I have a couple of vidpoems I would like to enter.
    Those Women Searching For Cats, They Terrify Me which was screened at Zebra.
    And ‘I Love The Internet’ which featured at O’Bheal.



  • ‘the art of going’ is a spoken word narrative about pain and the liminal space of escape. This film was written, directed and edited by artist Corbin Louis. The original score ‘4 Angels Interlude’ was produced by VZ. Corbin Louis is a performance poet from Seattle WA. He is a recording artist and published writer. The artist has performed in venues from New York’s Bowery Club to the Smithsonian. Waves and whispers of the night. The poet lives.